How UPVC Windows Can Help Do Environmental Friendly Home Improvements

Homeowners are now taking care in their home improvement efforts. They just don’t make decisions to change this part of their homes without thinking about different factors like the environmental impact of the materials they are using. As a result, more and more homes are now sporting new windows made of UPVC or Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride. Green Improvements

High Environmental Rankings

UPVC windows have been awarded an A by the Building Research Establishment or BRE for residential windows in 2008 during the Green Guide to Specification tool update. The tool has been tailored as a guide for designers in coming up with buildings that are more sustainable. The UK-based entity also gave this type of window an A+ score for commercial windows.

The scoring reflects the environmental impacts and benefits provided by UPVC windows and has been based on Life Cycle Assessments. This means that the environmental rankings of this kind of window are based on their life cycle, from the extraction of the material to the manufacture of the product, to its use and then its recycling or disposal.

The Beneficial Qualities

Because of the environmental scoring of UPVC windows, more and more homeowners are recognising their different qualities not just in terms of durability but also in their being environmentally friendly. Below are just some of the characteristics of these windows that have made them a winner in the European market and increasingly in demand in the Australian market:

UPVC frames are low maintenance.

They are known not to rot, making them the most durable and tough window frames in the market. Because their colours do not fade over time, they do not require repainting or recoating. They only need periodic cleaning and lubrication of hinges and other mechanisms.

The non-conductive qualities of the UPVC frames make them quite energy-efficient.

Because UPVC is a non-conductive material, this means that they are very good in keeping heat away from the insides of your homes. As a result, you will be able to have cool homes during summers and warm ones during winters. When used with double glazed window panes, these UPVC frames are able to help you gain maximum savings when it comes to your energy and electricity consumption.

More and more homeowners now are turning to UPVC windows when it comes to environmental friendly home improvement efforts. This is largely due to the exceptional qualities of these windows’ materials when it comes to energy efficiency and low maintenance. It also helps that UPVC aids in limiting the impact of homes to the environment because of its ability to lower carbon emissions exponentially. In Australia, UPVC windows are rated five stars under the Australia Window Energy Rating Scheme.