stone surfaces that need Pflastersteine reinigen

Do you live in Berlin, Frankfurt or another German city and have stone surfaces that need Pflastersteine reinigen, or stone cleaning? If you answered yes, then you may want to check out the stonemason company SteinRein. They provide stone cleaning and other services throughout most of Germany. If your stone floors are too damaged to clean, they can restore or renovate them. Same for other damaged stone services. They will also clean, coat and protect your roof, helping it to last as long as thirty years.

SteinRein cleans indoor and outdoor stone surfaces using brush cleaning, mechanical stone cleaning, shot peening, high pressure cleaning and advanced cleaning techniques. The surfaces that they will clean include natural, artificial and paving stones as well as concrete and brick. Regular cleaning and treatment of stone surfaces helps them to last and prevents further damage. The company also understands that different methods are used to clean indoor and outdoor surfaces. They can clean and treat your stone floors and keep them slip resistant for you.


SteinRein was created almost ten years ago by a German stonemason, Tobias Lepschy. He started the business alone, and only treated and cleaned natural stone surfaces. However, as his business grew, so did the scope of services he provided. Now he works with builders, pavers and cleaners to treat and clean various stone surfaces. They even provide cleaning and preservation services for monuments and tombstones in many German cemeteries. If you are interested in the cleaning services provided by the company, please check out the following website: