The Dangers of Buying Age of Conan Gold

I know more than a few friends who have gone through the hassle of buying gold from an overseas seller, and it took them almost 7 days just to get 10 pieces of gold, and it cost them over $60. I have even heard horror stories of gamers being suckered into buying gold from scammers, paying lots of money, and then never even getting anything in return. The scammers just took the money and ran. There is nothing that you can do about it either because selling gold is not really a legit form of business! Pokemon Go Mod

The saddest part about the whole thing is…IT IS EASY TO MAKE AoC GOLD YOURSELF! Most gamers don’t know the simple tactics that the farmers use, but if they did, they could be making and even selling their own Age of Conan Gold in their sleep….instead of wasting money and time trying to buy it from scammers. These AoC Gold farmers simple make kids use these secret 100% legal techniques to make massive amounts of gold, and then sell it to you for a huge profit! And nobody is doing anything about it because most gamers don’t know any better. There are 100% legit, no hacking, no exploit ways of making over 500 pieces of gold in a few minutes, but the gold farmers don’t want you to know about them. The have a huge business ripping off who they consider “stupid gamers”.

The bottom line is….be very careful if you want to risk buying gold for Age of Conan…there are a lot of scammers out there. Anyone willing to charge you $10 for something that took them 5 seconds and no hacks to make is probably not the most honest person. If you do make a purchase, make sure it is at least from someone that other gamers recommend, and use a money brokering service to make sure they do not take your money and run