WoW Arena Guide – How to Humiliate Your Enemies

Having trouble getting that arena rating up? All the arena matches you take part of seem to be lost? If that is the case, then I believe that you lack the guidance of a WoW arena guide. In the following report I will give you some tips and tricks that will help you get better at arena fights. This is my WoW arena guide. zygor guides reviews

What you need to perform successfully in arena

Not many WoW arena guides will tell you this, but you cannot just enter an arena and win. You need to prepare first. Here are some things you need to get and get used to in order to increase your speed when using abilities:

MetaHUD, Proximo, CooldownTimers2, TotemTracker, PurgeHelper,Antagonist. If you aren’t using these mods then make sure you get them and get used to them as they are crucial to any player.

Keybind your abilities and skills
Keybinding is a very useful tool which you have to use in order to get faster at casting stuff, using abilities and items. It can be very hard to get used to using them, that’s why some people gradually use them. That is a big mistake as you will take longer that way, put them all in and start using them in PvE until you are comfortable with them. You will then see major changes in your arena fights, positive changes.

Making macros will enable you to cast a spell or several spells with the touch of a button. They aren’t hard to make and will make a very big difference in the fights. As keybinds, macros will help you in becoming faster when playing. The only thing that stops people from using them is laziness, they can be tricky to use, but once you get used to them, you will increase your win/loose ratio considerably.

This is one of the most important tools to use in an arena fight. Setting your focus on a player will enable you to see everything he is doing. You can also keybind spells and make macros so that you can cast spells on your focused player without having to target him. Making best use of this tool in 2vs2 is absolutely vital to your team. You can do damage to your target and still keep an eye on the player that you have set your focus on. This tool is also extremely useful in the 2 other brackets available in the arena. There are WoW arena guides that have whole pages on this tool telling you how to use it best.

Knowledge is power
As the saying goes, knowledge truly is power, especially in WoW. Knowing what your enemy can do is another vital aspect in arena PvP. You should get familiar with every class and their skills and every talent build they could possibly have. Once you have mastered this you will never be taken by surprise and you’ll know how to approach every battle. Just keep in mind that the enemy will probably know as much about you as you do about him, so try and be a little unpredictable.

Communication is vital in every aspect of life. Wow is no exceptions. Using some sort of voice chat will hasten your teams reactions. You can call out for additional crowd control, ask for help when needed and other stuff without having to type. Stopping to type in the middle of the fight is certain death for you and your team.

Use the right gear
Everyone is trying to get as much resilience as needed when they do arenas. I say that is wrong, resilience should only be used by defensive classes. A damage dealing class should concentrate on getting items that will further his offensive powers even more. There’s nothing worse than a rogue that dropped attack power for better defenses. When an offensive class is going for defensive items it usually ends up being gimped. To be successful in arena you must further improve that which you do best.

Talent Builds
If you just finished leveling, don’t even think about going to do arenas with the talent build you have. In order for your talents to actually help you in arena PvP you must look for specific PvP builds. Don’t think that if your spec was good in PvE it will be good in PvP too, cause it wont be. PvE and PvP are two extremely different things.

If you get all of those preparations done before going into an arena, everything should be a lot smoother.

General tips to improve your arena performance

-before entering the queue make sure you have everything you need on you because as when you are inside, you wont be able to switch equipment and stuff like that;
-always do one or two warm up runs in arena skirmish modes;
-when the fight starts, don’t charge the enemy. Be cool and see what you are up against, come up with strategies and relay them to your team mates;
-use every crowd control spell you have wisely, don’t just throw the CC spells at the target you are hitting;
-always go for the weaker targets, trying to kill something like a warrior first will get your team killed as they are very sturdy;
-if you are a caster, don’t go easy on your mana, use it, dump it all on the enemy. If you don’t use your full damage potential because you want to save mana, you will die;
-if you are the leader of your team, act as one, even if you make bad decisions, stick with them until the end.